Refrigeration Solutions in Roseville, CA

Experience unmatched expertise in refrigeration solutions in Roseville, CA with Cronus Service. From the cozy corners of your home to the bustling spaces of your business, ensure your refrigeration units are functioning flawlessly. Trust in our unparalleled service for residential and commercial needs. Keep it cool, keep it fresh with Cronus Service.
A sleek, stainless steel side-by-side refrigerator with an integrated water and ice dispenser, positioned in a modern kitchen with white cabinetry and a blue-tiled backsplash. The appliance complements the sophisticated and functional kitchen design.

Residential Refrigerator Repair

In every home, the refrigerator is the heart of the kitchen. A malfunctioning unit can disrupt your daily life and lead to food waste. At Cronus Service, we provide prompt and efficient repair services for all types of residential refrigerators.
Our technicians are equipped to handle a range of issues, from simple fixes to complex repairs, ensuring your kitchen’s heart keeps beating strong. Let us restore convenience and peace of mind with our expert services for residential refrigeration repair in Roseville.

Commercial Refrigerator Repair

For businesses, a functioning refrigerator is crucial to operations, especially in the food and hospitality sectors. Cronus Service specializes in commercial refrigerator repairs, understanding the urgency and precision required. Our team swiftly diagnoses and fixes your refrigeration units, minimizing downtime and preventing loss. With our expertise in commercial refrigeration in Roseville, your business can continue to run smoothly and efficiently, serving customers without a hitch.

Commercial Freezer Repair

A well-functioning commercial freezer is vital for storing perishables safely. Any downtime can lead to significant losses. At Cronus Service, our technicians are well-versed in the intricacies of commercial freezer repairs in Roseville. We respond quickly to service calls, offering reliable repairs that ensure your freezer operates optimally, safeguarding your stock and your business’s reputation.
An interior view of a commercial walk-in refrigeration unit, featuring white walls, bright lighting, and shelves for storage. The unit is designed to maintain a cool temperature for preserving perishable goods in a clean and efficient environment.

Commercial Ice Machine Repair

Ice machines are essential in many commercial settings, from restaurants to healthcare facilities. A malfunction can impact service quality and operational efficiency. Cronus Service provides comprehensive repair solutions for commercial ice machines, addressing everything from minor issues to major malfunctions. Our goal is to restore your ice machine’s functionality promptly, ensuring you can continue to meet the needs of your customers and clients seamlessly.

Don’t let refrigeration troubles put a freeze on your day-to-day activities

Contact Cronus Service now for expert repair and maintenance services. Keeping it cool is what we do best!

About Our Company

At Cronus Service, we’re not just another HVAC and refrigeration service provider. We are a team driven by the commitment to ensure comfort and efficiency in every home and business we serve.

Founded on principles of integrity, professionalism, and unwavering quality, we have dedicated years to perfecting our craft and services.

Our expertise spans a wide range of services, including heating, cooling, and comprehensive refrigeration solutions in Roseville, CA for both residential and commercial needs.
A professional HVAC technician wearing a protective Tyvek suit stands beside a CRONUS-branded HVAC and Refrigeration service van, ready to provide maintenance and repair services in a residential area.
Customer Reviews

Hear From Our Satisfied Customers

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the words of our satisfied customers. Here’s what they have to say about their experience with Cronus Service.

"Dennis was very professional and did a great job servicing my AC unit. My AC unit had not been serviced in a few years and Dennis knew exactly what needed to be done. The price was fair and his workmanship was high quality. I highly recommend..."

Brian Weber

5-Star Rating

"Cronus replied quickly to my request when are air conditioner stopped working. Dennis came right out on a 100 degree day and fixed our air conditioner for a very reasonable price. Highly recommend Cronus HVAC repair and would definitely use them again."

Kurt Helmreich

5-Star Rating

“Great experience with these guys. My 25 year furnace gave up on me. We got few quotes or the replacement of our entire HVAC system and these guys gave us best price for one of the best brands out there. Took them almost a day to replace our system.”

Marat Brykau

5-Star Rating

Why Choose Cronus Service?

With Cronus Service, you’re choosing a partner committed to excellence and reliability in refrigeration solutions in Roseville, CA. Our experienced technicians, prompt service, and dedication to quality ensure your refrigeration needs are met with the highest standards.
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Ready to experience the best in heating, cooling, and refrigeration services? Contact Cronus Service today!

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